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If You pay taxes in Poland you can give your 1% of your tax to help Monika. To do that fill your yearly tax return as described below:

Nr KRS: 0000037904
Cel szczegółowy: 1441 Cisek Monika

What money are needed for

All money donated to Monika will only be used to improve her health, mostly by purchasing the necessary medicines meant to make her body stronger and to thin down the pulmonary secretion – given Monika’s condition now, these are undisputed priorities.

Other necessary expenses are for special pillows that give Monika proper support and help her body keep the required position; such pillows can only work properly if they keep her original shape, which means they have to be replaced periodically, roughly every 10 days.

The monthly expenses include costs generated by additional medicines and any treatment sessions that are required in case of occasional colds and infections.