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If You pay taxes in Poland you can give your 1% of your tax to help Monika. To do that fill your yearly tax return as described below:

Nr KRS: 0000037904
Cel szczegółowy: 1441 Cisek Monika

History of the disease

Monika was accepted to the Daily Therapy Ward in the Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Center for Children of the Non-Public Healthcare Institution (NZOZ) in Zamość, on September 06, 1999, when she was 11. On her admission to the clinic, her muscular strength was 2-3 on Lovett scale. She could still stand up from the wheelchair using supporting items and she could move with assistance on short distances, but she needed help with her daily routine. She suffered from initial limitations in movement, contractures in upper and lower limb joints and left side scoliosis. From the moment of admission, despite the applied systematic treatment to improve her condition, the continued development of the sickness was visible, especially in terms of further impairment of muscular capabilities, reduced physical performance and limited functional and personal abilities (she could not change her position herself, she started using a wheelchair permanently, she required assistance in all daily activities). Since 2000 she has been wearing an orthopedic brace because of the curvature of the spine.


The first symptoms of problems with breathing started a year ago, when acute dyspnea required her to undergo treatment in the children’s ward in a hospital in Zamość. Since that moment her condition remained relatively stable, until a crisis that broke out in December last year; a pneumonia developed with increasing breathing problems that required artificial ventilation. Since then (December 2002) Monika had to remain in a hospital until June 2003, where she required intensive medical care and had to use a respirator that supported her breathing. In June 2003, with the help of a foreign sponsor, a portable respirator could be bought for Monika, and she was finally able to leave the hospital and go back home. Still, financial support is needed all the time so that Monika’s treatment can be continued. More information in “What is the money for” and “Treatment methods”.

If you wish to read Monika’s medical documentation, click the “Medical documents”