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If You pay taxes in Poland you can give your 1% of your tax to help Monika. To do that fill your yearly tax return as described below:

Nr KRS: 0000037904
Cel szczegółowy: 1441 Cisek Monika

About Monika

Since her birth, Monika has been suffering from a very serious genetic disease that causes her muscles to atrophy gradually. Just a few years ago Monika lead a normal, ordinary life, and like most of us she went for trips, went jogging and generally enjoyed her life. But her condition has dramatically deteriorated since then. First, she started having difficulties walking and had to use a wheelchair; then, she had to stop her education, despite enjoying it and being a great student. She now requires 24/7, specialized care and must always have someone around to help her.

Monika Cisek photo - About Monika

She also had to abandon one more thing, which she greatly enjoyed, a true passion – drawing. Monika is a very talented artist and her works received numerous awards at various artistic competitions. Feel free to browse Monika’s works in the gallery.

Despite the daily struggle with her sickness, Monika manages to be a warm and bright person, enjoying life as it is. She has never complained about her sickness, never once demanded extra attention because of it. On the contrary, she gave support many times to the ones in need, whether just by being a great person, or in any little way she could.

This is what Monika herself says about her life and the situation she faces:


The first symptoms of the sickness were observed shortly after I was born. When I was 2, it all became easily visible. This is when I started to walk. In my everyday life I need another person to be with me – I’ve been on a wheelchair for years.

Now I have to resign from almost everything: going to the movies, my daily entertainment, trips to various places.

I don’t consider myself a handicapper person, but just like all of us I have better days and worse days, too.

Since I was very young I enjoyed drawing and when I started school, I was very happy to take part in art lessons and competitions. My favorite subject in art are animals and the living nature, and I also enjoy still life.

To all others struggling with their sickness – do not ever lose your hope and patience.”