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If You pay taxes in Poland you can give your 1% of your tax to help Monika. To do that fill your yearly tax return as described below:

Nr KRS: 0000037904
Cel szczegółowy: 1441 Cisek Monika

Welcome on the website about Monika Cisek who suffer on Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Monika Cisek is a great and friendly person. Monika is full of joy and faces life with a smile – unfortunately, since she was born she’s been suffering from spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). This is a very serious genetic disease causing muscles to atrophy gradually. Initially, Monika had difficulties moving and walking by herself, then she was confined to a wheelchair, and now requires a full-time medical care and assistance in performing all daily activities. She also needs a respirator for easier breathing.

Monika also requires specialized, systematic rehabilitation to slow down the progress of the disease. A side effect of Monika’s SMA is her deteriorated resistance to infections. She also needs to visit hospitals frequently.

All this treatment is very costly – and being Monika’s friend I decided to create this website and use it to ask all who visit it to help and support Monika.

If you feel drawn by this request and would like to offer any kind of help or you need more information, please keep browsing this page or contact me at marek@pomoc-monice.org or contact Monika directly – all contact information is in the contact subpage.

You are also most welcome to browse Monika’s works of art in the gallery subpage – see how talented she is.